Do you need a plow? Don't hesitate, choose KUHN!

A plow full of innovation

We have more than 100 years of experience in the development and marketing of plows, which is why KUHN plows remain the reference in the domain of plowing.

Optimize your plowing with GPS-assisted automatic body lift:

  • Increased comfort in the headlands, from plowing to harvesting.
  • Perfect quality of work.
  • Total burial of residues in headlands.
  • 100% automated management.
  • Considerable time saving.

Strong resale value

The reputation of the KUHN plow ranges means they enjoy a higher resale value than other manufacturers in the market. You are therefore assured of the profitability of your investment over the long term.

Savings in everyday life

Wear parts are very important in the life of the plow; you should not neglect this aspect during your purchase. Quality wear parts + a low price/wear ratio = low usage cost per hectare.

Genuine KUHN forged wear parts

The control of the forging and heat treatment processes confers a very good resistance to wear in all conditions. Genuine KUHN parts are 20%* stronger than standard parts.

Opt for carbide:

  • Increases service life.
  • Reduces usage cost per hectare.
  • Decreases maintenance time.

By using genuine KUHN carbide parts you gain up to five times longer life.

Uneven layered triplex

Uneven-layer triplex moldboards increase service life by 40%**. Your KUHN plow equipped with Triplex moldboards ensures you one of the most market economical wear costs per hectare.

* compared to untreated steel. ** compared to a steel with three equal layers.

Rock-solid structure

The future of agriculture depends on competitiveness and profitability. The unique design of KUHN plows brings exceptional performance to achieve high yields and optimize your bottom line:

  • HLE welded construction for better reliability.
  • Triangular reinforcement that offers unrivaled strength to your plow.
  • Maintenance-free integrated linkage: protects the variable width mechanism against shock, falling earth and moisture.
  • Monobloc connecting rod forged and treated to enhance the quality and robustness of your KUHN plow.

No time wasted on tedious adjustments, KUHN plows are equipped with simple, precise and intuitive settings.




  • Savings: mechanical adjustments without tools to simplify work.
  • Comfort: hydraulic adjustments from the cab.

Obtain even more comfort


The OPTIDRIVE front end ensures the flexibility of the plow tractor connection. It constantly protects the jack stands, the tractor lift arms and the plow structure.


Allows the pressure at the plowshare tip to be varied from the tractor during plowing: immediate adaptation to working conditions.