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Relive the highlights KUHN EXPO 2020 - Thank you for attending!

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KUHN revolutionizes the history of ploughing

KUHN has just achieved an extraordinary accomplishment, the realization of the KUHN logo in an area of 18 hectares in an agricultural plot with the VARI-MASTER L, equipped with Smart Ploughing-Lift. This Isobus technology allows precise plough guidance by GPS datas and controls the lifting and lowering of each body at the set point.


188.9 hectares in 8 hours

KUHN has set the Raking World Record: 188.9 hectares in 8 hours, certified by the DLG (Deutsche-Landwirtschaft-Gesellschaft).

Step into the Raking World Record in Denmark. The 4 rotor gyrorake GA 15131 from KUHN’s range of hay & forage making machines set the record, coupled to a 6250R John Deere tractor.


More than 190 Years of Excellence

Today, more than ever, we believe in the future of agriculture and our industry. Our 190 years of experience and the commitment of our staff, combined with the performance of our distribution networks that ensure proximity with customers, enable us to look to the future with passion and confidence.