Hammers and flails


The high-resistance steel hammers are heat treated and mounted on specially treated axles to reduce wear and guarantee a great cut. The helical tool layout ensures perfect residue pickup.

Hammers and flails - Longevity


Different hammers, knives and flails are available. They are designed to shred different types of residues depending on their shape.

Type Residue Tool
(Grass, wood, woody residues)
Standard grass Hammer knives Hammer knives
Grass in difficult conditions (stony,...) Articulated hammer knives Articulated hammer knives
Grass and wood residues (vine shoots, cut Wood) Heavy hammer knives Heavy hammer knives
Fallow land, woody crop residues Long hammer knives Long hammer knives
Universal knives
(Undergrowth, crop residues)
Standard undergrowth Universal knives Universal knives
Undergrowth and difficult conditions (stony,...) Articulated universal knives Articulated universal knives
Clearing, woody crop residues (stubble) Universal straight knives Universal straight knives
Field crop residues (maize seed, wheat Straw,...): increased suction effect Universal knives + stubble pallet Universal knives + stubble pallet
Articulated scoop flails Grass only Specific rotor Specific rotor
Pallet knives Grass Pallet knives Pallet knives

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