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Balers and wrappers

Especially in hilly conditions, an excellent performance, a low horsepower requirement and a low weight are the main arguments when choosing your machine. KUHN can rely on many years of experience in baling and wrapping in mountainous areas. Resulting in an attractive range of balers and wrappers which will not let you down.

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The balers


Intelligent baling and wrapping in one go

Your benefits

Ultra-compact and lightweight

Thanks to the unique design with an integrated wrapper, two operations are combined in one machine. The highly compact machine weighs only 3700kg. With its low weight and excellent manoeuvrability the i-BIO+ offers you outstanding performances in hilly conditions and in small or wet fields with narrow access gates.

Low power requirement

Thanks to the INTEGRAL ROTOR with patented* rotor tine shape and the 18-roller bale chamber the i-BIO+ has the lowest power requirement in the baler-wrapper combination market. The low power requirement combined with the extreme low weight makes this baler the ideal match with the typical tractor types used in alpine conditions.

*Patent or patent pending in one or more countries.

Excellent binding & wrapping

The TWIN-reel film binding system maximises your silage quality and offers you additional advantages by means of costs, recycling, ease of operation and storage. INTELLIWRAP technology uses sophisticated electronics and hydraulics to monitor the wrapping process and continuously control the film overlap, allowing complete flexibility. For the best conservation and fermentation of your valuable crop, wrapping the bale is crucial in this process. Depending on personal preferences, crop conditions and the storage periods, the amount of film layers (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...) can easily be adjusted.

FB 3135 film binding

The dedicated expert

Your benefits

Maximise your silage quality at the lowest costs

Film binding improves the silage quality, bale shape, stability and opening of the bale. The KUHN patented* film binding system uses two regular 750 mm stretch-film rolls. This eliminates the need for special wide film, which simplifies your inventory management. Using regular wrapping film enables you to use a much higher pre-stretch ratio compared to conventional wide film binding systems. This reduces your film binding costs by 37%. The stretched film, with tack between the layers, can take on damages without the risk of bursting bales or sliding of the film during baler-to-wrapper bale handling.

Fast, perfect bale formation

The heart of the baler consists of 18 POWERTRACK rollers. The rollers have symmetrical profiles which generate exceptionally high density and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions. All rollers are made of 3,2 mm thick high-strength steel which are roll-formed and laser-welded out of 1 metal sheet for optimal durability. In addition, a minimum of space between the rollers reduces crop loss.

Blockage-free intake

As a part of the film binding and AUTOMATE option, AUTO DEBLOCK comes as standard on the machine. The baler's overload protection clutch activates whenever the baler's intake gets obstructed by the amount of crop being fed in. The DROPFLOOR automatically lowers and the knives are retracted. The operator is informed about the ongoing process via the terminal. After the PTO is re-engaged, the rotor restarts and the crop is guided unobstructed into the bale chamber, the DROPFLOOR and knives automatically return to their position.

The wrappers

RW 1200

Loading, transporting and wrapping on the go

Your benefits

One machine, three jobs

The KUHN RW 1200 self-loading round bale wrapper is capable of loading, transporting and wrapping heavy bales up to 1200 kg. This allows you to save on your machinery and reduce the number of transport movements in your field.

High stability and weight distribution

The 3-point mounted design positions the weight close to the tractor, which contributes to the stability and weight distribution during wrapping and transport.

The control of your choice

Two different control systems are available depending on model and driver preferences. The manual version (M) is controlled with cable levers and comes as standard with the bale-and-wrap counter and autostop. The bale-and-wrap counter counts the film layers and total number of wrapped bales. The autostop function will automatically stop the wrapping table/satellite once the total number of film layers have been applied. This transforms a manually controlled wrapper into a semi-automatically controlled wrapper. The computer-controlled version (C) uses a control box that provides all the information and features for a fully automatic wrapping process. The integrated joystick automatically controls bale ejection, among other direct functions.

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