KUHN presents

Raking wrld record

Braedstrup, DENMARK

On your marks, get set, go!

Step into the Raking World Record in Denmark. The 4 rotor gyrorake GA 15131 from KUHN’s range of hay & forage making machines set the record, coupled to a 6250R John Deere tractor.

The team effort took place in a tense atmosphere with a performance that truly demonstrated the quality, robustness and durability of the machine!

KUHN has set the Raking World Record: 188.9 hectares in 8 hours, certified by the DLG (Deutsche-Landwirtschaft-Gesellschaft).

Get ready for a human adventure and discover KUHN’s expertise from design to the use of the 4 rotor gyrorake GA 15131.

Episode 1

From concept to reality

Discover the manufacturing process of the machine designed to customer’s requirements; the innovative, high-performance, robust and durable GA 15131 gyrorake. The design and manufacturing phases that forge KUHN’s know-how are the reasons behind the success of this World Record rake.

Episode 2

A machine to rise to the challenge

Check out the GA 15131 gyrorake! The essence of productivity, quality and versatility. The team presents the machine’s features and benefits, and gives a demonstration of how it works.

Check out the video showing the 4 rotor rake at work. See how easy it is to use the CCI 1200 terminal to operate the rake.

Episode 3

The Danish experience

Step into Mikael Skeldal’s family-run farm. Mikael Skeldal was the driver who set the 8-hour record. He expresses his views on the event and his impressions of the GA 15131.

A unique performance

Meet our team and experience this challenge which required adaptation and optimisation to deal with the Danish weather. Between contingencies and risks, enjoy these videos tracing these emotional days!

With short silage harvesting windows, farms are growing in size and requiring higher output machines. On the big day, Vincent Hazenberg, Product Marketing manager gives his thoughts on the event.

Episode 4

The heart of the event...

Go backstage just before the record attempt! Join the World Record team getting everything ready. Emotions run high, with adrenalin and unexpected hiccups a few days before the big day.

Episode 5

Get ready!

Continue the KUHN experience!

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