Shares / Covering Tines


The seeding parts are manufactured with high-precision quality. This is essential for functionality and
seeding efficiency.

A Ni-hard cast iron manufacturing process is used for some share models. This increases lifespan and cost-effectiveness due to the exceptional hardness
of the material.

Shares / Covering tines
Shares / Covering tines - Optimized shape

Optimized Shape

Shares are of optimal shape contributing to the regular delivery of seeds into the furrow.

Shares / Covering tines - Optimized shape


Conventional shares are simple and economical. Maintenance costs are lower, seeding depth is regular and easy to control, distribution is uniform, furrow smoothing is reduced in wet soil, and there is no running over stones in stony soil.

Shin profile, share length, height and overall shape are the result of extensive testing in real conditions.

Dents de recouvrement pour socs semeurs



The steel used remains the best combination of hardness (resistance to wear) and resilience.

Discs - Longevity
Discs - Versatility


Seeders, markers, openers, smooth, convex, notched or embossed; all discs are produced to ensure uniform, slower wear of parts.

Discs - Versatility

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