Manure Spreaders

Discharge Options

Horizontal Beater Paddles

Horizontal beater paddles are designed for even distribution and material breakup. They are also easy for
operators to replace.

Piston-diaphragm pumps
Spraying filter

Vertical Beaters

Gen II VertiSpread® beater tips are adjustable, two-position tips that help provide a uniform spread pattern and excellent material breakup.

Spraying filter

Spinner Discharge

The Gen II AccuSpread® beater teeth have a two-sided design for excellent shredding of material. The heavy-duty casting with hardened surface provides a long service life. The bolt-on design also provides shear protection and can easily be replaced.

Distribution vanes are made of in stainless steel
Vanes can be tungsten-carbide coated

Dual-Seal Bearings

Dual-seal auger bearings are designed to keep liquid in the tank and away from critical drive components. With these seals, liquid manure and other caustic liquids are less able to penetrate the Nylatron bearings or contaminate the oil bath reservior.

Vanes can be tungsten-carbide coated

Forged Steel Hammers

Forged steel hammers provide unmatched material breakup and spreading performance with a wide range of materials. The entire hammer is hardened to reduce wear
and increase life.

Distribution vanes are made of in stainless steel

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